We are Katie and Tim, a British couple, permanently living aboard our yacht, Monty B since 2007.  We escaped modern, urban UK life for a life unknown and arrived in Montenegro in December 2007 ……. and have found it very difficult to leave. Montenegro is an incredibly beautiful country, particularly if you enjoy being outdoors and its culture is fascinating. We feel very privileged to spend so much time here.

We have spent the last 8 winters renovating and improving Monty B, whilst learning lots of new skills and she continues to look better and better. We are very proud of her.

Katie and Tim Gulf of Taranto


We are not offering these trips to make loads of money – we do it because we LOVE IT. We want visitors to this area to have the opportunity to appreciate its beauty from the water. We live a low-cost, low-impact lifestyle and just need enough money to maintain and improve Monty B.

We both act as host and skipper but have our own particular areas of interest – as you will find out! The other two members of our crew are Louis and Mollie.  They are very cute and friendly little dogs, who happily snooze away on deck all day during our charters.

We hope you find time to join us!

Mollie the Dog
Mollie Squires


Louis the Dog
Louis Layton