Where do the trips start and end?

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Your start and end points will be specified in your Booking Confirmation.

Our trips starting in Kotor usually pick up from the war memorial (obelisk style monument visible from the water) in the town park, which is around the corner from the harbour office.  This will be specified in your Booking Confirmation so please check for details.

We will try to pick you up from a convenient location for the itinerary of the trip you have chosen. Often, this can be at your accommodation.

We try to be as flexible as possible and we will discuss a plan for your day with you by email when you book.

Our trips starting in Tivat normally pick up from opposite the town beach, but all details including maps will be in the booking confirmation.

Similarly, trips ending in Kotor will be in the harbour; and ending in Tivat, by the town quay by the taxi rank. We may also be able to drop off at a restaurant or your accommodation.

Please note that logistics and weather play a big part in sailing trips which is why we ask you to contact us the day before the trip, but we are very good at organising this so don’t worry!

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